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1 a flighty scatterbrained simpleton; "she's a total airhead"; "every airhead on a big salary rushed out to buy one"
2 a bridgehead seized by airborne troops

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Etymology 1

From air + head.


  1. A silly, foolish or unintelligent person

Etymology 2

By analogy with beachhead, bridgehead, railhead


  1. A landing area for aircraft for supplying an operation, military or other, usually temporary.
  2. An area of hostile territory that has been seized by paratroopers or helicopter-based troops to ensure the further landing of troops and/or materiel

Extensive Definition

An airhead is a designated area in a hostile or threatened territory which, when seized and held, allows the air landing of further troops and matériel via an airbridge, and provides the maneuver and preparation space necessary for projected operations. Normally it is the area seized in the assault phase of an airborne operation. It may also be used as a staging or refueling point for less permanent operations.
Typically, an airhead is established by helicopter-landed or paratrooper forces, and often will take place at an airport (to allow conventional transport to land later on) or at a helicopter or glider-accessible area.
Notable airhead operations include Battle of Crete and Operation Market Garden during World War II, and Operation Just Cause in Panama in 1989.


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